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The Power Broker

History doesn’t hand out hall passes

Panhandler’s sidekick is missing. Glorious Leader, the super-powered dictator of North Korea, wants to be interviewed. Giant robots attack Santa Monica. Someone is stealing superpowers and selling them on the black market.

For hero beat reporter Reuben Conway, it’s raining stories, but when he unearths the connection between them, he must thwart the mastermind behind it all.

No pressure. It’s just the fate of the world at stake.

Lying on the filthy floor and hungrily gulping down air, my mask fogged up. It didn’t matter, my eyes were watering so badly that I was effectively blind anyways. My shoulder ached and my limbs felt like lead, but I felt elated. I’d survived. More than that, I’d saved a man’s life.

So this is how it feels.

The eagerly-anticipated sequel to The Hero Beat, The Power Broker is a whirlwind ride through the exiting world of superpowers, international crises, mad scientists, and saving the world.

Now available in eBook and Amazon paperback!