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The Conway Report

Conway Report Icon 2Truth, Justice and the First Amendment

Superheroes are real. So are supervillains. After almost a century of watching these powerful people do battle, well, most folks are kind of bored with the whole thing. It’s just another part of life.  Unless something really big happens, people just change the channel or turn the page.

This is Los Angeles. We get bored easily.

One of the few people who still think people who can fly and shoot laser beams out of their eyes are pretty cool, reporter Reuben Conway covers the superhuman community for the Los Angeles Beacon.  The Conway Report follows him on his adventures in this strange world of secret identities, villainous plots, and titanic struggles.

I operate with a few simple rules: I don’t out people’s IDs, I don’t twist their quotes out of context, and I play things straight. As a result, most of these people are willing to at least talk to me, and some even trust me enough to pull back the curtain and let me share some aspects of their world with my readers. It’s my dream job, and I’m good at it.

The only question is, as a normal guy working in the company of such powerful beings, can he survive long enough to get the story?