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Hello, December!

I don’t know about you, but I love December. I’m a winter guy, and growing up in Southern California, December brought with it the dream of winter, if not the reality. Here in the Great Wet North, we get a…

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NaNoWriMo – Day 1

Hey guys! I don’t know if I’ll send a report every day, but I thought I’d get one out tonight. This is the first day of National Novel Writing Month and I decided to give it a try this year….

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Writing when you ain’t feelin’ it

I’ll start with a confession: I don’t feel like writing a blog post today. I really want to work on my novel, but I haven’t done my second blog post for this week, and I know I need to maintain…

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My Weekend and Random Thoughts

Hey folks, I attended my first writer’s conference this weekend. Such an interesting experience! Sadly, I didn’t get any photos, but let’s face it, pictures of a bunch of writers aren’t gonna catapult my blog to the top of the…

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Stealing Ideas

Today let’s talk about a post I caught on Reddit over the weekend. In the post, the OP is concerned about the line between re-using the plot devices and ideas of others and outright plagiarism. The ensuing dialog wanders around…

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