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Random Thoughts and Cthulu Stuff

Sometimes I get random ideas that strike me as funny and I write them down. Occasionally, I like to try the material out to see if it works once unleashed upon the world. The result is the following grab bag of questionable one-liners. I hope you enjoy at least one or two. Do me a favor and let me know which ones you liked.

Oh, and as an added bonus, please enjoy the random selection of Cthulu-themed junk I found in my Photobucket account.

Without further ado:

“Guards!” Shouted the Lobster King. “Take them to the dungeon. I want them drawn and buttered.”

When you think about it, a dresser is just a mechanical clothing dispenser.

Paul Bunyan is a tall tale and that just kills me.

When Atlanteans fight, do they go minnow a minnow?

I don’t write romance novels, but if I did I think it would be cool to write one about two practical jokers falling in love. I’d call it “Love at First Syke.”

Movie pitch: Rowdy Roddy Piper puts on a pair of sunglasses and sees Jeff Lebowski everywhere. Working Title: They Abide.

If you ever get hungry when you’re in Gotham City, be sure to stop by the Food Court of Owls.


    • Thanx! Pity I don’t write romance novels, because I think the concept would be fun to write.

      But, I’m definitely gonna use the food court gag somewhere, somehow.

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