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Black Friday Superhero Fiction Sale!

Hey true believers! A not-so-secret syndicate of spinners of superhero stories are joining forces, putting together a dilly of a deal for Black Friday. Starting November 27 and going on through the holiday weekend, you can stuff your stockings with all the pulse-pounding excitement your heart can handle all at the absurdly low price of $.99 each!

“Ninety-nine cents,” you say. “Why, that’s less than a buck! How can they do this?”

Through the mind-boggling magic of the holiday spirit, of course! We know you love superhero stories, and our gift to you is a chance to get to know some new authors. Discover some new heroes. Explore some new universes. Thrill to new adventures. Over thirty nifty novels are itching to entrance your eyeballs

So save your shekels and pinch your pennies. Mark your calendars. Tell Alexa to remind you. Train your dog to wake you up and drag you to your computer on Friday morning so you can pick yourself a passel of pugnacious paladins, stalwart sentinels, crafty criminals and villainous varmints!

All you gotta do, friend, is click the link!

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