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I am not a prophet…

I’ve often said, “Writing is a great way to learn that you’re full of crap.” Today, I’ll demonstrate just how true that is.

As my avid readers (all three of you) will remember, in the wake of Infinity War, I made some predictions about the next movie. It’s time to come clean and see how I did.

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame by now, I can only assume you don’t care too much about spoilers, but I’ll say it anyway. There’s gonna be spoilers.

So, let’s take a trip back to my predictions from a year ago:

1. We’ll get the universe back

I predicted that the effects of the Snapture would be reversed. I have to admit, this one was a freebie. If you spent the last five years in the Soul Stone, welcome back. Good luck getting your apartment, job and girlfriend back.

Nick’s score: a home run!

Marvel Studios' AVENGERS: ENDGAME..Nebula (Karen Gillan)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2019

2. Some people will stay dead

I said anyone who Thanos killed outside of the Snappening would stay that way. But, we saw Loki escape with the Tessaract, so technically there’s a version of him running around, although it gets all timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly with alternate timelines and realities. Gamora got a similar hall pass.

Furthermore, with Disney coming out with its new streaming service, we know that not only Loki, but Vision will be getting a series, so he’ll be back, too. Although, we don’t exactly know how just yet.

I’m going to give myself half-credit for this one. While I’m technically correct in that the original timeline versions of these characters are still dead, most of them are back in the game.

Except Heimdall. I guess there’s no love for the doorman.

Nick’s score: a sacrifice bunt to move a runner to second

3. The Hulk will be back

Well, I predicted that Hulk would be the guy to save the day. Boy, did I miss that one. Big Green is back, but he’s smart now and not nearly as ragey. While he did bring everybody back, it was Banner who made the play, and it was kind of a low-stakes one at that.

Nick’s score: A swing and a miss.

4. The intervening movies and TV shows will be outside the timeline

I nailed this one, although I admit, it was also a gimme. The stingers for both Captain Marvel and Ant Man and Wasp referenced the post-Snaptacular world, and it could be argued that Scott Lang being trapped in the quantum realm is key to bringing everyone back, I’m going to take credit anyway.

Still, I would have liked to see some reference to this, even if it was just some characters on Agents of SHIELD getting dusted.

Nick’s score: one run.

5. Dr. Strange’s Gambit

This was an easy point for me. Always bet on the wizard. Especially if he’s got the Eye of Agamotto.

Nick’s score: one run batted in.

6. Someone else is gonna die, and it’ll be…

I should have just gone with the obvious choice here, but instead I went with The Hulk. In a way, our big, green friend is indeed gone—replaced by a big, green physicist—but claiming credit for this one’s a stretch, even for me.

Nick’s score: ground out to third.

My final score is three and a half out of six. Barely a passing grade. I won’t be quitting my day job. You know, if I had one.

Stay tuned for my prognostications on who’ll wind up on the Iron Throne, the 2020 Presidential race, and whether Howard the Duck will get a guest spot on Ducktales.

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