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The Hero Beat is Live Pretty Much Everywhere

It’s finally done. My first book in the Conway Report series, the Hero Beat, went live on the Kindle store this weekend.

A battle between two superhuman factions erupts, destroying a Los Angeles refinery, leaving an inferno and a dead hero behind.

In the aftermath, one question is on everyone’s mind: How did local reporter Reuben Conway know to be on the scene? On the run from supervillains, the cops and a mysterious assassin, Reuben forms an unlikely alliance with the superhero Herculene as he races against time to learn who was really behind the attack. As they draw closer to unraveling the mystery and the villain’s plan kicks into high gear, one final question comes to the fore. Can they thwart the scheme before it’s too late?


It’s available on all the ebook stores, and you can get a paperback copy from Amazon.



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