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Seriously, Thanos Should Have Just Read Thomas Sowell

First, let me warn you, this thing has more spoilers than the bottom drawer of my refrigerator. I saw Avengers: Infinity War this weekend. I thought it was fantastic, but that’s not a big surprise if you’ve read my reviews….

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Is Christianity Conservative?

The following question from Trimbiner showed up in /r/askhistorians today, and I couldn’t help but write about it. In America, Why Has Christianity Primarily Fallen Into The Conservative Political Group Instead Of Liberalism? In the bible, there seem to be…

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The Temporary Hero – Call for Beta Readers

Well, it’s done. The Temporary Hero–the third book in the Conway Report series–is done. I got the manuscript back from my editor, revised it to within an inch of its life, rewrote scenes that didn’t work and tracked down and ruthlessly…

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Wakandan Economics

I should be working. I need to get The Temporary Hero out to my Beta readers. I have new covers for my first two novels, and I need to get them republished. I’m still working on the manuscript for Terms…

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Review – Brick

As anyone who reads my stuff probably already knows, I love detective stories, especially those of the noir genre. You know the type. The tough guy, working his way through the shadows of the underworld (often a reflection of his…

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Hawaii Doesn’t Get Nuked

I, like many people, had some pretty strong feelings last week when an errant emergency alert went out to Hawaiians informing them that nuclear missiles were inbound. I saw the videos of the kids being loaded into storm drains for…

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Oregon’s Gas Problems

I’m sure it’s not news to anyone that, with the start of 2018, Oregonians can now pump their own gas as long as they do it in a county with fewer than 40,000 people. The news, apparently, is that Oregonians…

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Non-Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I’ve been struggling with this one for a couple of weeks. I wanted to write a review of The Last Jedi and get it posted during the opening week, when interest was at its highest. That’s how you get clicks,…

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We Svolos’ are a gaming family. We have a big pantry that doesn’t hold food. It holds our collection of board games. We’ve got a lot of ’em, too, and the collection’s always growing. It’s one of the things that…

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Review – Justice League

Despite having read all the online hate, I still wasn’t prepared for this. It was a Saturday morning matinee, and there was only one other person in the theater. Seriously, just one guy, and he was about the same age…

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