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The Temporary Hero

Why be credible when you can be incredible?

Stuck with the powers of Ultiman, Reuben Conway wants to do the right thing. Under the guise of Captain Stand-In, he tries to fill the hole left in The Angels’ roster until they find a replacement. But, when he’s framed for a series of warehouse burglaries, he soon learns that doing the right thing can destroy him, his friends and the city he loves.

Can Reuben find a way out of a trap no hero can hope to escape?

My blood ran cold and I tuned out the commentator as I watched the video they were looping. The shaky cellphone video showed flames erupting in the Starlines warehouse. The view suddenly jerked upward to show a man in a black and red skinsuit flying overhead, away from the scene. The newscast obligingly froze the playback and zoomed in to let everyone get a good look at the man. It gave a good view of him, right down to the barcode insignia on his forehead.

It was me.

“It’s gotta be fake,” Ratna whispered.

“Yeah,” I responded, mind racing, “it’s gotta be.”

But it looked real enough to fool anybody. Hell, it looked real enough to fool me.


The long awaited third entry in the Conway Report series, The Temporary Hero is a thrilling trip down the rabbit hole of superhumans, dark plots and the true cost of freedom.

Coming soon in eBook and Amazon paperback!