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The Temporary Hero

Why be credible when you can be incredible?

Eight months ago, a mad scientist’s device left Reuben Conway with the superhuman abilities of Ultiman. When a flame-wielding burglar goes on a crime spree in Los Angeles, it’s up to Reuben to track him down. But, when a mysterious organization frames him for the crimes, he finds himself at the center of a scheme to destroy the city. As the terrorist plot storms toward its murderous goal, Reuben discovers that he’s been caught in a trap.

One from which no hero can escape.

My blood ran cold and I tuned out the commentator as I watched the video they were looping. The shaky cellphone video showed flames erupting in the Starlines warehouse. The view suddenly jerked upward to show a man in a black and red skinsuit flying overhead, away from the scene. The newscast obligingly froze the playback and zoomed in to let everyone get a good look at the man. It gave a good view of him, right down to the barcode insignia on his forehead.

It was me.

The third installment in the popular Conway Report series, The Temporary Hero is a pulse-pounding ride through a noir world of secret identities, mind-boggling superpowers, desperate gambits and shadowy conspiracies that will leave fans of potboilers and superheroes screaming for more.

Currently available on Amazon Ebook, Paperback and Kindle Unlimited!