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The Drone War is Available for Pre-Order

It’s official! The Drone War will release on September 8th, 2021. It’s hard to believe that I haven’t released a new book in over a year and a half. (Well, maybe it isn’t that hard. 2020 was a hell of…

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Black Friday Superhero Fiction Sale!

Starting November 27 and going on through the holiday weekend, you can stuff your stockings with all the pulse-pounding excitement your heart can handle all at the absurdly low price of $.99 each!

Review – Justice League

Despite having read all the online hate, I still wasn’t prepared for this. It was a Saturday morning matinee, and there was only one other person in the theater. Seriously, just one guy, and he was about the same age…

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Why I quit reading comics – The Death of Superman

I still remember my first comic book. I think I was five or six years old. My grandparents came to visit from Nebraska and when it was time for them to leave my Dad got up early to take them…

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Review – Batman: The Killing Joke

Warning: Here there be spoilers. Fairly warned, ye be. I couldn’t believe it. There I was, scanning through the cable channels for movies to download to the DVR and, boom, there it was. Batman: The Killing Joke. I remember picking…

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Death Wish Fullfillment

I ran across this story this morning. Now, this isn’t a political blog, but the story has an aspect that I’d like to discuss. Here’s a link to the trailer, although it really doesn’t have a lot to do with…

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Review – Spiderman: Homecoming

I have a little problem I’m trying to solve. I don’t feel like I’m active enough on my blog. So, my solution to this is to kick myself in the butt and fix it. Toward that end, I’m going to…

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Origin Stories in Superhero Movies

I like superhero movies. I see them all, when I can. Sometimes I end up waiting for them to come out on Netflix, but that’s mainly because I have a family, and it c osts between fifty and a hundred bucks…

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The First Draft of The Power Broker is done!

I finished the first draft of the next Reuben Conway book last night, and just felt like crowing a bit. I think I started it sometime around November of last year, but kept getting distracted by other projects. One thing…

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The Hero Beat is Live Pretty Much Everywhere

It’s finally done. My first book in the Conway Report series, the Hero Beat, went live on the Kindle store this weekend. A battle between two superhuman factions erupts, destroying a Los Angeles refinery, leaving an inferno and a dead…

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