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Fun with ChatGPT: The State of the Union

I’ve been playing around with some of the online AI tools lately. A generous explanation is that, as a computer scientist, I’m researching their capabilities. A more critical analysis would be that I’m just wasting time and avoiding doing some…

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Black Adam’s Unanswered Question

If you have the power, do you have the responsibility, or even the right, to use it?

Muppets! And a bit of ranting

I want to rant about something today. But, before I do, let me introduce the collection of unrelated images I’m presenting to help the medicine go down. If you’re not looking for my ravings, feel free to ignore all the…

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Random Thoughts and Cthulu Stuff

Sometimes I get random ideas that strike me as funny and I write them down. Occasionally, I like to try the material out to see if it works once unleashed upon the world. The result is the following grab bag…

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Stuff I found when cleaning out Photobucket – Part 1

Way back when the Internet was in kindergarten, there was a service called Yahoo. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Today it’s not much more than a clickbait aggregation site, but back in the day we used it for darned near…

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2020 Cover Contest

The good people over at SuperHeroFiction.com are running a contest to find the best book cover for 2020. My latest book, The Bounty Hunters, is in the fray, and I’d appreciate your support. So, if you’ve got a mind to…

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Three Dollar Bill

Continuing with my occasional series of making Heroforge minis based on my characters, here’s the hero of West Hollywood – Three Dollar Bill.

Herculene – The Heroforge Version

Just for fun, I went on Heroforge and created some of my characters. Naturally, there are limitations as to how close I can match the miniature to my vision. Herc’s outfit sports an Aegean wave pattern on the hems, for…

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Behind the Mask

Hey folks! I had an amazing opportunity to be a guest on Franklin Kendrick’s show, Behind the Mask. I gotta say, I had a blast. Franklin’s a good dude, a fellow superhero fiction writer, and we had lots to talk…

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Black Friday Superhero Fiction Sale!

Starting November 27 and going on through the holiday weekend, you can stuff your stockings with all the pulse-pounding excitement your heart can handle all at the absurdly low price of $.99 each!

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