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Backstory: About the Author

Yeah, that's me. Sorry if you were looking for someone cuter.

Yeah, that’s me. Sorry if you were looking for someone cuter.

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Nick spent over twenty years in the civilian world as an IT geek, developing, deploying and integrating a wide range of software products in the Project Management and Business Intelligence spaces. Now, he ekes out a living as a freelance web developer and spends the rest of his time writing about the stuff he loves: crazy adventures involving superheroes and orcs.
He lives in Crescent City, CA, with his lovely wife, Charlotte, their son Tommy, a hyperactive mutt and a layabout cat. Everyone in the house is an avid gamer, and their home echoes to the sound of tumbling dice. The cats prefer games involving bugs, lizards and small birds, but they’re happy to take a whack at an unattended twenty-sider when they get a chance. Meanwhile, the dog’s just looking for something to chew on.