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Victory! (52,000 words)

Hey guys,

Sorry about not posting any updates for a while. We traveled to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving week. We had a great time. Found an excellent AirBnB to stay in, got to spend Thanksgiving day with some wonderful friends (Thanks for hosting, Tad and Trish), and on Saturday, the wife and I went to see Hamilton at the Pantages theater. Fantastic show, in case you haven’t been told that enough. I’m more of a Jeffersonian, but even so, I loved every minute.

Anyhow, with the travel, a holiday and NaNoWriMo going full swing, I haven’t had a lot of time left over for blogging. I hope to fix that next week. This is the last week of the contest, and I just crossed the finish line. Now, sadly, that doesn’t mean the book is done. I actually still need to write the final battle between Reddeth and the evil archmage, Archimedes. Of course, even after that, there’s still the long slog of editing this thing into some semblance of readability… but, that’s all for another day. Today, I’m just celebrating finishing my first NaNoWriMo!

Upcoming: On Friday I’ve been asked to be a featured artist at the “Live from Downtown” event. I have no idea what that means, but I’m excited about it. I’ll be set up at a table down there with a few copies of my novels to sell. I know none of my readers are in this neck of the woods, but consider yourself invited just the same.

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