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A Short Post

One of the “joys” of country living is there’s never any shortage of things to be done. I got up early today with the lofty goal of making a sizable dent in it.

Ha! I crack myself up sometimes.

It’s now almost 1600, that’s four PM for you land-lubbers, and I’m just now getting started on my day job. Still, I am happy to report I got a lot done. We have some guests coming up this weekend, so I leveled the guest quarters (our trailer), cleaned out the grey and brown water tanks, and discovered the battery was dead, necessitating a drive into town to get it charged and tested. Since I was doing that, I took along a bunch of donation items for a local charity. Mix in a half a dozen other little chores and let it simmer for a while.

I’m tired, but I earned it.

So, that’s the post for today. I’m gonna go work on my book.


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