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Recipe: The Chinese Leftovers Omelette

This is one I hit on back in my bachelor days.

Here’s the situation: you get Chinese take-out and didn’t eat it all. Now, you have all these little take-out boxes taking up space in your fridge. The next morning, you need breakfast. This kills two birds with one stone.

Somehow, mine never come out looking like this.

Step one: Take all the savory stuff and throw ’em in a big wok. I generally don’t use the sweeter stuff, like orange chicken, for this, but you might want to give it a try. Fried rice and Chow Mein work great for this. Don’t eat it all the night before. Heat it up on medium, stirring in garlic powder and soy sauce. Add some seasoning salt if you, like me, like a near lethal dose of sodium. Once it’s all stirred up and hot, put it on simmer.

Step two: It’s an omelette, so you’re gonna have to break some eggs. I recommend three or four. Whip ’em up in a bowl. You can do this concurrently with step one.

Step three: Take some of the mixture and put it in a wide, flat pan. Be sure to grease it up, first. I use a Pam-like spray, this thing’s gonna have more than enough calories as it is, but you can use what you like. Spread it out nice and thin and pour the eggs in.

Step four: Let it cook over medium to low heat. You want to get the eggs cooked without scorching them. This part takes a bit of practice.

Step five: Once the eggs are cooked, add in more of the leftovers concoction, close it up.

Step six: Plate that sucker, pile on some more leftovers and chow down.

Step seven: Get your wife to clean up.

I’ve been doing this for years, and it’s one of the few things from my bachelorhood that made the transition to married life successfully. Charlotte actually buys extra takeout just to make sure she gets this for breakfast the next day.

I take that as a complement.

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