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The Bounty Hunters

To Save a Villain…

When your job is reporting on superhumans in a city like Los Angeles, you wind up with a somewhat eclectic collection of friends. For journalist Reuben Conway, one of those friends is the retired supervillain, Sinfonie. For over a decade, the former eco-terrorist has led the quiet life, raising a family and staying out of trouble, far from the public eye.

But when the mayor is assassinated, an anonymous tip fingers her for the crime. Now, Conway must find the real killer while protecting her greatest weakness—her children.

My nocturnal visitor closed the bedroom door and flipped on the lights. “I didn’t say anything about pants. Let’s have ‘em.” I held them out without turning around. She felt the pockets but didn’t find anything more dangerous than my Swiss Army knife, which she took away before saying, “Okay, put ‘em on and take a seat on the chair. Nice and slow. You know the drill.”

Now that I could hear her, the voice sounded familiar. Once I was half-dressed—I hated facing certain death in my boxers—I made my way past a stack of cardboard boxes and took a seat in the indicated folding chair. A woman in a jet-black, form-fitting skinsuit took a perch on the arm of my ratty, thrift-store couch. She wore a skin-tight hood to cover her head down to her nose, but the brown ponytail poking out the back sealed the deal. I knew exactly who I was dealing with.

“What’s with the gun, Torpedo?” I asked. “That’s not really your speed.”

She waved it in a casual motion before pointing it back at my windpipe. I got a good look at it. A nine-millimeter with a silencer. It was small enough to fit her hand properly, but it was nasty enough to hold my attention. “Comes in handy when I have to deal with normals. If someone like you turns up pounded into goo, it might get linked to me. Bad for business.”

The fourth adventure in the incredible Conway Report series, The Bounty Hunters takes the reader on a thrilling tour through the terrifying foes, high stakes and insurmountable odds found on the darker side of the superhuman world.

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